Regulatory review could create TV jobs

The government has been called upon to collect additional fees from broadcasters and other corporations to facilitate investment in the UK television industry.

Gerry Morrissey claimed on Left Foot Forward that thousands of broadcast jobs could be created if greater funds were available to produce content.

In his view, the way to collect this money is to review the regulatory relationship between the state and certain broadcasters, such as BSkyB.

He pointed out that BSkyB is excused of retransmission fees for BBC and ITV content, as well as not having to stick to certain EU content quotas. By calling on the company to comply with such regulations, the UK industry could benefit from more cash and competition to make quality programmes.

Morrissey said: “As the UK attempts to diversify away from financial services, the kind of seed-funding that Britain’s world beating public service broadcasters provide could be a springboard for economic recovery.”

However, BBC News recently noted that the BBC is under pressure to make savings across all of its operations; with senior management in London facing criticism from their regional counterparts.

Former head of BBC Wales, Menna Richards, told the news provider that the way to influence the decisions of the company’s chiefs is for “politicians, newspaper editors and other opinion formers” to let them know that an issue has become a serious concern.

by Paul Smithson on November 8, 2011

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