Recruitment Trends from the Media team

We have seen an increasing demand for temporary workers within content operations/traffic/post producers and schedulers.   This may be due to companies migrating systems from one CMS to another, or migrating channels to new playout facilities, the need for temps has been in much greater demand than we have seen in permanent roles of late and we foresee the trend continuing with a need for temps.

The new scheduling system  in hot demand seems to be “Whatson”, where more broadcasters have taken the decision to move over to this software.  Candidate’s that can demonstrate their abilities to work across a variety of systems ie IBMS, Vision, BSS and Whatson etc, will have a greater opportunity to diverse their skills within similar channel management roles.

Post Production is busier than ever, seeing a continual need for Post Producers on the versioning/adaptation side and a high demand for Edit Assists and Versioning/Creative Editors within our TV Advertising agencies. The requirements for Versioning Producer roles have been very strictly Versioning and Adaptation of TV Advertising content for large global brands. However, there has been an increase of interest from clients in the transferable skills of TV short-form Producers – such as Promo Producers – who have worked on the adaptation of high profile short-form TV Projects. This is due to the TV Advertising sector expanding, the continual demand for Versioning Producers and the constant rise in interest of the TV Advertising world.


by Boyce Recruitment on June 26, 2017

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