Recruitment on the agenda as confidence grows in London

An increasing number of companies in London are looking to take on new staff as economic optimism in the capital grows significantly, new research suggests.

According to the latest CBI/KPMG London Business Survey, only 18 per cent of London enterprises still have recruitment freezes in place, with confidence among businesses now at the highest level it’s been for almost four years.

After questioning business leaders across the city, the researchers behind the report found that 70 per cent are thinking positively about the country’s economic prospects for the next six months. At the same point in 2013, the figure stood at just 26 per cent, reports.

Of the firms surveyed, just over half (56 per cent) say they’re looking to expand their workforces in the near future.

Sara Parker, director for London at the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), says that despite the rise in confidence, companies still face challenges.

She was quoted by as saying: “As growth begins to bed down London firms are feeling increasingly optimistic, taking on new employees and planning to expand over the next year. But the lack of affordable quality housing is becoming a real headache for London’s businesses and their employees.”

Ms Parker went on to say that many of the companies involved in the study believe that rising house prices are making it harder for them to attract and keep staff.

by Graeme Parton on April 28, 2014

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