Recruitment in London improves

More than half of London’s small businesses are now hiring ‘as normal,’ indicating that the capital is pulling itself out of the recession.

The latest CBI/KPMG London Business Survey revealed that recruitment has reached pre-recession levels amongst 57 per cent of respondents, whilst 51 per cent say they are optimistic about prospects for the rest of the year.

65 per cent claimed they would be looking to expand within the next year, which is great news for anyone looking for jobs in London.

Furthermore, just one in five firms are now being forced into making redundancies, compared to 29 per cent last December.

CBI London regional director Sara Parker was thrilled with the improvements that many companies in the capital were showing.

Speaking to HR Magazine, she said: “It’s great news to see that more London firms are hiring as normal and redundancies have fallen.

“London is a great place to do business. Companies view the city’s talent pool, ease of access to global markets and proximity to clients as the capital’s biggest strengths.”

The Daily Telegraph report that eight out of ten business owners believe London is a good location for an enterprise, whilst 78 per cent believe its reputation will stay the same or improve within the next five years.

by Joe Elvin on June 23, 2011

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