Recruitment in 2017 – our predictions

We asked our Directors what they see as big influencers for recruitment in 2017.  Here’s what they said:

 Samantha Judd:

A need for stability in uncertain times

Change should be embraced and I personally love the challenges, dynamism & creativity it creates in the work place.  However, the flip side is that  it can also be draining and misplaced or transient solutions can disengage & demotivate your workforce.

Close working relations between external recruiters and their clients will help companies prepare to deal with the challenges of recruitment, static pay budgets & limited training opportunities.  Recruiters should, and I hope will, help clients understand the importance of  widening their talent pool to  attract highly skilled workers.  Recent data suggests that less reliance is being placed within the interim market for senior level roles and this expertise will come from internal senior employees whom have greater familiarity with the nature of the business.  Business will need to invest in actually recruiting their own new, full-time staff as the Consultancy sector continues to shrink post Brexit  (average advertised salaries are currently down 8.7% y on y Nov 2015 & Nov 2016 )*.

Source * Adzuna

Best Practice, Change Management, Coaching, Process Analysis, Recruitment Technology Implementation, Strategy & Operational Improvement Methodologies

A refinement of the traditional recruitment services and reputation.  Recruiters need to act and be perceived  as true consultants to identify what clients truly want and ensure that is delivered.  A need for recruiters (us)to have a clear definition between 2 types of staff Consultants and fulfilment(AC/Resourcers)

Current ideas include;

Elevating the service review meeting to a strategic meeting framework with our top clients to get buy in from HR or Line Managers where we collaborate on agreed topics.

Topics might include; retention, enjoyment/ # enjoy your job, recruitment cost vs time/resources management etc

Solutions for workflow/supervision of staff and resources in junior to mid-range roles

Pool resources of trained and available freelancers, insource staffing

Recruitment Tech

Video e:learning

Curated Content – what recruitment info you want to see

Content overload.  So much info so little time to review it.  Understand what our clients and candidates want from us and ensure we fulfil it.

Content to play a significant role in coaching, mentoring and training staff.  eg: how to an Audio desk works, a day in the life of a Pres Scheduler,  how to start as a recruiter, how to write a CV etc etc

Refinement and curation of content in addition to using tech & social media collaboratively to help share costs and maximise resources


Manuela Boyce:

Cost management/ financial stability

Whilst many job seekers are already cautious post referendum, about the financial and reputation stability of the companies they apply to, this will, no doubt, continue into 2017.  Brand identity, investment in new technologies and tools, employee experience and financial stability will be the four key triggers which will determine whether a job offer is accepted.

Companies have already indicated that they plan to increase permanent hires vs temporary hires in 2017 as a way of tackling staff turnover and in response to increases in workflow, so they need to address the above to ensure they are successful in their recruitment campaigns.


Added Value / Personalised Recruiting

Our discussions with key clients show that the demand for specialist skills and experience will continue to increase and so will the competition for such candidates. Employers will need to be more creative in their attraction and talent management strategies. For external hires (especially when in the market for specialist skills), this means working in partnership with handpicked external recruiters who will use their own tools and technologies to ensure the process is relatively easy and successful.

Over 65% of jobseekers on our books are “passive “, and define themselves as “not being active in their job search, but are still keen to hear of only exceptional opportunities”. They are time poor but high demand. They have a different sense of loyalty and choose to only work with those consultants who can offer them what they want at the time they want it. They will use technologies to ensure they receive a bespoke, selection of career openings, as opposed to just an endless list of jobs. They also want to “own” their recruitment journey and external agencies and recruitment consultancies will need to  embrace addressable technologies and tools to ensure that they are ahead of the game and can meet with these high demand candidates wherever and whenever they are online.

I do believe that employers will veer even further towards working closely with a smaller number of industry recruitment specialists, ones who genuinely understand their business and will give them access to candidates who are not so readily available elsewhere.

2017 definitely won’t be for the fainthearted recruiter. We are only as valuable as our network and next year will see even more emphasis placed on this as well as our ability to verify skills and abilities. I believe that the most successful recruiters in 2017 will work harder than ever behind  the technologies available to demonstrate their added value to both employers and job seekers. They will have, even more than ever, multiple roles as business partners, suppliers, facilitators, educators, assessors, managers and advisers.






by Boyce Recruitment on December 9, 2016

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