Recruiting yourself is not all plain sailing. So think again.

There’s a common perception that recruiting junior levels of staff is easier and will require less input, time and resources, than recruiting for more qualified senior people to the business.

Certainly a large proportion of our clients start their recruitment process thinking it is more cost effective to recruit themselves , especially when looking to hire candidates with up to 18 months work experience, or even graduate trainees. They cannot justify the fees they pay to their recruitment agents as they feel that it should be easier and cheaper to recruit less skilled people.

This argument seems logical, and employers initially stick to their guns, deciding to hand over the task of recruitment to one of their internal employees who agrees to take on the task in addition to continuing to perform their usual job.

However, in reality this doesn’t always happen as easily and cheaply as anticipated.

Once the adverts have gone out one of two things often happen: the first is that there are no relevant applicants and sometimes hardly any applicants at all. This is frustrating and costly as the price of an advert has been paid for and there is no real result. In addition the recruitment process is delayed and this can be more costly to the business, particularly if there is no support function in place.

On the other hand, quite the opposite could occur. Rather than receive few job applicants, you may receive an overwhelming number of cvs, sometimes 300- 400. This is fantastic , you may think. However, once you look more closely at the cvs received you notice that hardly any, if any, have the necessary skills or qualifications you are looking for. How can this be? We specified what we wanted in our advert, surely there must be people out there for the roles want to fill ?

Applying for a job, particularly online, has become so easy now. With just a click of a button a cv could be sent to any employer. Many job applicants think they should just send their cv and see what happens, without putting time and effort into the actual application process. This can waste time for a perspective employer as they may not be getting the correct experience and background they seek.

In addition, many of the more junior roles require softer skills, or other skills which can be only found once a proper technical assessment has been made. These can be costly and other practical skills are often only found in a competency based interview. It is unfeasible to test every applicant or meet each individual to see whether the applicants match the additional expectations that the job requires.

Many times this year we have been contacted by frustrated employers, who were adamant that they should manage their own recruitment process, but after a somewhat lengthy, costly and time consuming process, have found their efforts have come to nothing, and asked us to take on the recruitment process for them.

I can appreciate that recruitment agencies can seem costly, but if you consider from the outset that ,once you add up the time taken for a member of staff to go through the recruitment process, the costs of the advert and also the possible delay in the recruitment process then the recruitment companies fees may pale into insignificance. If cost is an issue discuss this with the recruitment company when you start the process as they may be able to  offer you  a more flexible solution.

by Boyce Recruitment on September 4, 2012

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