Recruiters turning to social media

Nearly half of employers and recruiters are using social media to recruit for vacancies, reports

According to a new study, the attention that social media has been garnering as an effective and inexpensive marketing tool has caused 48% of employers to use social media in the recruitment process.

Of the social media outlets used, ‘industry/professional networks’ was the most popular with 27 per cent of executives using the platform, followed by LinkedIn with 17 per cent.

Using LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks could help companies and jobseekers find language jobs, engineer vacancies, retail posts and many more.

However, nearly one in five (18 per cent) of businesses have not conducted a job search since the social media boom.

“While LinkedIn and other social networking sites have allowed individuals to raise their profile and connect with other professionals, businesses and workers are still cautious about using this technology for recruitment,” said Phil Sheridan, a member of the study.

“It is still important for workers and businesses to manage their online reputation by ensuring their profiles remain current and professional. Posting newsworthy articles, participating in relevant discussion groups and conducting periodic online audits will help raise both personal and corporate brand images.”

by Ashley Curtis on March 23, 2011

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