Recruiters' Rant : What's in a name?

What an interesting year we have to look forward to. No firm predictions apart from the fact that it will be tough and we will have to work a lot harder to get good results as well as focus on added value. Jobhunters especially.

I am always amazed at how much people still giveaway in social network sites, chatrooms and through their very own personal email address alone.

Last year I read several press articles about how employers are looking up facebook pages to see if potential employees or job applicants are worthy individuals. Often resulting in an offer withdrawal.

Personally, what I find amazing is the range of email addresses that we are given from candidiates who are seriously jobhunting, some I could not possibly mention but others include girlywirly@ or pussycat@ or iamthegreatest@ beware , I would strongly recommend a more unrevealing email address for job hunting purposes. Do you have any interesting names to add to this?


by manuela on January 20, 2009

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