Recruiters favour Warwick University above Oxford and Cambridge

Graduate recruitment companies have named Warwick University as the institution they target most often, reports.

New figures from market researchers High Flier Research found that some of the top jobs, including those in investment banks, law firms and consultancies are going to graduates of Warwick University, as it was named the best institution in which to find new talent.

Whilst the classic combination of Oxford and Cambridge have topped countless polls to find the best universities, it appears they do not offer similarly high-profile job opportunities at the end of a course, ranking fourth and seventh respectively. Beating the Oxbridge universities were Nottingham (second) and Manchester (third).

London universities also featured in the top 20, with Imperial College (12th), the London School of Economics (15th) and University College (16th) all being hailed for their student employability.

Elsewhere, the study looked at when businesses were targeting students, with many now doing so much earlier in their respective courses. High Flier Research found that increasing numbers of firms were now targeting first year students; informing them of what grades and experience they would need long before graduation day. This, it was hoped, would give graduates a much better chance of securing jobs in London or elsewhere in the UK, having built up related experience over the course of their degree.

“The latest research confirms that taking part in work placements or internships whilst at university is now just as important as getting a 2:1 or a first-class degree,” managing director of High Fliers Research Martin Birchall told

by Ashley Curtis on January 14, 2013

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