REC expects temp demand to pick up, a year after AWR began

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) believes that demand for temporary workers will increase now that the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) have had a year to bed in, reports

Despite initial fears that the regulations – which affords temps the same rights as permanent staff after a 12 week period – would result in drop in temporary assignments, research carried out by the REC suggests otherwise.

The organisation claims that only four per cent of businesses had reduced their use of temps. Furthermore, two-thirds of businesses said that AWR had not had an affect on their costs.

More importantly, the study found that satisfaction with ‘being a temp’ rose from 43 per cent to 52 per cent in just the first seven months of AWR’s use, according to

Kevin Green, chief executive of the REC, said that while there might have been ‘limited problems’ that prompted some to curb their recruitment of temps, this was expected to change. As a consequence, there might soon be many more temporary jobs in London and around the UK.

Mr Green said: “Of the minority who reduced their use of temps, most of them made that decision because of the wider financial climate, rather than it being a knee-jerk reaction to the new regulations. So it makes sense that demand for agency staff will pick up as growth returns.

“In fact, our latest data shows that there’s already been a turnaround and the outlook for temps is starting to improve despite the fact we’re still officially in recession.”

by Elizabeth Smythe on October 4, 2012

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