Top reasons for switching employment

As a follow up to a  study earlier this year, “What our candidates want when they change jobs”, we thought it would be interesting to see what our candidates felt were the key considerations when deciding to change jobs. Here are the results:

1. Interesting work/  Training & Development

Over 58% of our candidates said they felt stagnant and wanted to vary the content of their responsibilities, and so preferred to move to an employer who invested in new technologies, new ways of working and who would support their training and development.  Medium and larger organisations (50+ employees) were more appealing to those who wanted clear structured career paths, or who were at the start of their career, whilst over 63% of candidates registered, who were working in these larger companies felt that they would find the opportunity to develop skills in  smaller (less than 50 people) niche organisations.

2. Financials

Salary ranges, from company to company, have not shown much variation in Q3 and Q4 in comparison to Q1 and Q2 this year.  The increase in the cost of living and the uncertainty of a post referendum 2017, means more candidates are asking about additional financial benefits,  (including bonus, private medical, holiday, flexible working, subsidised gym membership, pension schemes, free breakfasts, lunches etc ) when deciding which company to apply to.

3. Headcount / Staff Turnover

23% put their reasons for seeking new work down to staff shortages and feeling undervalued and overworked. A remarkable 62% said that their current workplace had high turnover. If their existing employer were to invest in hiring people with new and existing skills, then they may be encouraged to stay where they are. The other side of the coin to this is that candidates are less keen to join a company where there is a high turnover of staff or a larger proportion of temporary workers in relation to permanent headcount.

4. Brand

The decision whether to apply to a job and accept a job offer is influenced by Brand identity for over 78% of jobseekers. Candidates have access to much more information about their future  employer.  They have websites, apps, forums and business press. Glassdoor is a very popular easy way to find out what employees think. Google plus ratings can highlight service experience and Linkedin allows people to see what employees are like as well as any interesting news / press releases.

Companies are working harder than ever to promote their business not only to future clients but also to internal stakeholders, external recruiters, and potential employees and in addition many employees are looking at several of the aforementioned elements before deciding which company they wish to join.




Manuela Boyce

by Manuela Boyce on December 9, 2016

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