Radio broadcasters next in line for Ofcom criticism

Ofcom has turned its attention to radio broadcasters in its campaign to prevent children being exposed to explicit content.

The regulator recently advised the television industry to be careful about what it airs before the 21:00 watershed, but this time it is those in radio broadcast jobs who must take note, reported BBC News.

BBC and commercial radio broadcasters can expect to receive official guidance on the matter in the next two months, after Ofcom noted a few incidences in the past year when expletives have crept into certain shows.

A meeting between the regulator and representatives from the radio industry took place last week – according to The Guardian – with a spokeswoman from Ofcom explaining that the organisation needed to discuss the issue of swearing on air.

She stated that Ofcom takes its role in protecting children from hearing expletives very seriously, adding: “We are concerned that there have been a number of recent cases where offensive language was broadcast, some at times when children were particularly likely to have been listening.”

One incident cited by the body was when the Black Eyed Peas’ performance at the Radio One Big Weekend was aired by the broadcaster in May and several swear words could be heard. Ofcom claimed that the rules relating to inappropriate lyrics have been flouted too often recently, which is why the organisation is going to issue the new guidelines.

by Paul Smithson on November 1, 2011

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