Psychometric profiling can avoid expensive mistakes

With the jobs market as competitive as it is and companies keen to keep costs down, a psychometric profiling expert has argued the case for using the technique at the recruitment stage.

Writing for HR Magazine, managing director of Success Dynamics Joe Adams pointed out that every instance in which people are appointed to London jobs represents an investment by firms.

As a result, if that person turns out to be wrong for the role and must be made redundant, all the time and money spent on advertising the position and interviewing candidates has been wasted.

Mr Adams said: “Not only do these mistakes cost a company dear in financial terms, they also cause disruption and unrest within the work force and, most costly of all, a possible loss of faith in the abilities of the management team.”

He pointed out that if psychometric profiling can help pick out the right candidate and avoid a raft of costs, then the investment by an HR team could be justified.

It seems the discipline is not only used by companies to pick out the best person a the job, with some also using it to assess their customers’ personalities.

According to the Telegraph, financial corporations Barclays and HFM Columbus compile profiles of their clients in order to understand how they might react to risk and what sort of methods of communication will work best.

by Paul Smithson on August 25, 2011

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