Top Tips For Preparing For Your Interview

HOW TO prepare for an Interview

Although a somewhat awkward/ nerve-wracking experience, doing well in interviews is a key element in any prosperous job search. A well-rehearsed and prepared candidate can ensure a successful interview. Here are some of my top interview tips!


1)      Look the part

Probably the easiest part of achieving a good impression in an interview is turning up in a presentable and job appropriate attire. The good old saying ‘dress smart, feel smart’ isn’t far from the truth. Investing in a good suit or other smart related outfit can really help de stress the interview process- outfit check!

2)      Research is key

Turning up to an interview without doing your research is like going to exam without a pen! Stupidly careless! It is a vital part of your interview preparation to thoroughly research the company in question. Read the ins and outs of their website, look into their competitors, read any articles online about them and check out their social media- if you do all of these things successfully you should have a good idea about their culture, what they do and what they want from you!

3)      Practice makes perfect

Why not entertain your partner, family, housemate whoever! With an awkward yet helpful interview practice. Going through standard interview questions (can be found on the Boyce website) and practicing your answers is a great way to prepare for any curve ball interview moments.

4)      Chill out

There is such a thing as over thinking when preparing for an interview. So make sure you give yourself a good amount of time before an interview whether it’s the night before, in the morning or even on route to the interview, just take a minute to switch off and calm your nervous. There is nothing appealing about clammy hands and a sweating forehead!

5)      Use your Recruiter

If you are going through a recruitment agency make sure you use them for any extra information inside knowledge! This kind of input can make all the difference. Ask them about what your interviewing company liked/ disliked about other candidates and what the top 3 skills they are looking for or perhaps have struggled to find. Treat them as your secret weapon!


by Boyce Recruitment on September 18, 2015

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