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The papers suggest that a larger than usual percentage of people may have taken these three days to add to the bank holiday and weekend in order to benefit from a long and cheaper holiday abroad. This however has not had an impact on the number of jobs taken on the permanent team at Boyce, particularly  in the last 5 weeks, when  we have seen an increase in momentum in job numbers and the length of the recruitment process.

It is for this reason that candidates need to be readily prepared, react quickly in response to interview requests and also have enough time to ensure that they are ready to make the time to do proper research and preparation regarding interviews. This includes understanding what the process is, who is involved, looking at the website and searching online for any recent news about the company. If possible it is worth finding out what kind of questions they would ask, if there are any tests why did people succeed or not succeed in the last round of recruitment and also try and gauge a real understanding of the type of person they are looking to do the role.

Recently we have had  a few candidates witness a fantastic opportunity disappear in front of their eyes because they were unable to demonstrate a real interest in the role and the company as well as lacked the motivation to plan their research on the company before  attending the interview.

In this market employers are demanding more from their staff and they want to see the effort being made at the very outset. Proper research, planning and well thought out answers in an interview will always reflect this.

For more detail on how to prepare for interviews, check out our page on how to prepare for an interview.

by Boyce Recruitment on April 26, 2011

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