Personal makeover

I really enjoy reading about Management and employee behaviour styles and what makes a difference to people in their ambition to progress. “Management Today” is a great source of material for any aspiring manager and their recent feature on how to give a career plan a makeover was both relevant and current to the times.(New Year New Career January 2011)

 The article reviews the way we should think and start to behave in order to be recognised and valued and rewarded in our work. We shouldn’t just apply for new roles but we should spend time thinking about how we should behave if we were in that new job.

Start off by thinking about how your current employer sees you and how you present yourself, or consider if you have demonstrated the broad range of skills that may be needed in a role you are keen to move into. Eg are you always considered a safe pair of hands or does anyone know that you have a natural creative flair which is needed in a more senior position? 

Remember that  your reputation influences your chances of promotion or pay rise and affects the kind of projects you are offered as well as how you are treated by your colleagues, managers and direct reports. It is worth doing a complete career review before you start asking for that promotion.

by Boyce Recruitment on February 4, 2011

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