Over half of firms expect to create jobs in 2014

Over half of British businesses are expecting to create jobs in the year ahead, according to a new survey.

Conducted by CBI in partnership with business consultant Accenture, the Employment Trends Survey discovered that just over half of UK firms (51 per cent) planned on freeing up new roles over the next 12 months after growing optimistic over their future prospects.

Readings cited by recruiter.co.uk indicated that permanent job growth would be stronger than temporary hiring over 2014, which is highly positive news for those wanting stability with their next career.

The East Midlands and Yorkshire & Humberside were tipped to be the two most buoyant regions for jobs growth next year,  

CBI chief policy director Katja Hall said it was good to see jobs being created across most regions, rather than just London and the south-east.

Ft.com says the study also revealed a cautious approach towards pay, with only seven per cent of companies planning on a wage rise over retail price inflation. Still, Ms Hall said this is the attitude which will help companies recover from a turbulent past few years.

Looking ahead to the future, she said that for the UK to remain an attractive place to do business, a rise in pay will have to be a result of an increase in productivity.

by Richard Towey on December 18, 2013

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