Over a quarter of Brits believe job market has improved this year

The job market has improved this year, according to 28 per cent of Brits, with the young feeling particularly optimistic.

According to freshbusinessthinking.com, new research from Investors in People (IIP) has revealed that 43 per cent of those aged between 16 to 24 think the job market has got better this year.

As the economic recovery continues, this feeling of increased optimism seems to mean more and more Brits will soon be looking to change their current roles. The report indicates that 47 per cent of workers are planning to move to a different company within the next year.

One of the biggest reasons for this shift is because workers are unsatisfied. Over two-thirds (63 per cent) wish to change jobs because they want more job satisfaction. However, money is also a big motivator for change, with 48 per cent moving for a bigger pay packet. Others are being driven away by bad management (47 per cent) and 34 per cent simply feel as if their skills would be more appreciated elsewhere, reports investorsinpeople.co.uk.

Valerie Todd, chair of IIP and director of talent and resources at Crossrail, commented that as confidence improves, employers will need to do more to hang onto their staff members.

“The end of the recession is good news for businesses,” she said. Financially, we are in more stable times and recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show unemployment is at a three year low of 7.6 per cent.”

by Laura Varley on December 5, 2013

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