One in five workers succumbs to ‘winter blues’, study says

Twenty per cent of British workers have taken a day off sick due to seasonal affective disorder, according to the revealing findings of a new wellness study.

The cold and wet months typically make many people feel a little depressed, especially after the joviality of the festive period. However, the extent to which the winter blues affect individuals – and businesses – appears more widespread than previously thought.

A study carried out by printer brand, Epson has discovered that dark mornings and evenings can seriously dent motivation levels – 59 per cent of respondents said their morale dipped at this time of year, reports. Just over half claimed that they were more susceptible to illness.

However, more worryingly for businesses, a fifth of those polled confessed that they had called in sick purely because the seasonal conditions made them feel tired and down. On average, individuals were absent for a total of four days, equating to a loss of 9.2 million to British business. 

Consequently, it’s a situation that employers would be wise to consider, given that some 48 per cent of workers don’t see sunlight during their commutes to and from the workplace. Offering flexible working options or discounted gym membership might help tackle the symptoms.

When the respondents were asked what might help to alleviate the blues, a third cited via that improved lighting might boost their mood, while a further 27 per cent suggested a more colourful working environment.

by Boyce Recruitment on January 8, 2014

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