Olympics media hub to house data centre and start-up incubator

The Olympics media centre will be converted into a hub for IT data centres and small business facilities after the Games.

Around 6,000 London jobs are expected to be created by the transformation, which was announced by London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) yesterday.

V3.co.uk report that the renovated hub will feature media studios, university facilities and a new digital academy. It will also include thousands of powerful web servers to help improve web connectivity in the capital.

The majority of on-site jobs will be in the IT sector, although there may be some media-based roles and market research jobs up for grabs as well. It is estimated that an additional 2,000 off-site jobs will also be created as a result of increased consumer spending in East London.

In an interview with itpro.co.uk, iCity’s chief executive, Gavin Poole, outlined the boost that he believed the new centre would provide for the local economy.

He said: “This is a unique opportunity to cement Britain’s position as a global leader in innovation and the creative industries. iCity will provide a sustainable legacy for the local community through the creation of thousands of jobs, apprenticeships and training opportunities.”

The announcement comes as thousands of journalists prepare to travel to the hub and begin reporting on the Olympic Games next week.   

by Joe Elvin on July 19, 2012

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