Number of graduate jobs set to rise, IDS suggests

The number of graduate jobs on offer in the UK will rise this year, according to the latest data from Income Data Services (IDS).

The analyst suggested that there will be an eight per cent increase in graduate roles throughout the second half of 2013, reports. After a rise of only 0.1 per cent in 2012, this should be welcome news to all those who have already graduated or who are set to do so this year.

Retailers seemed most keen to take on graduates some time in the coming months, with IDS forecasting a rise of 30 per cent within this sector alone. However it wasn’t all good news, as the firm also revealed that almost three-quarters of employers plan to freeze salaries for graduates, given to their own economical restraints.

Despite this, the average starting salary for a graduate remains steady at £25,000 (or £29,250 for those moving into the financial services sector), meaning graduates on the hunt for jobs in London and other areas can expect to take home a solid wage. What’s more, the median starting wage for graduates working within the legal industry is £36,500.

However this higher wage may be tarred by companies in such sectors feeling reluctant to take on high volumes of graduates.

IDS’ assistant editor, Nasreen Rahman, explained more on “Key graduate recruiters, like the legal and finance industries, are cautious about hiring large numbers of graduates, but are still offering competitive salaries to lure the cream of the crop.”

by Deborah Bates on May 20, 2013

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