No alternative to traditional techniques

A recruitment expert has argued that even with the rise of intelligent online and social media tools, nothing can come close to the traditional recruitment methods.

Writing for, Nick Walrond – the managing director of a resourcing group – stated that none of these innovations can replace previously relied-upon techniques.

The expert suggested: “There is no replacement for good old fashioned networking and traditional relationship building.” These techniques, employed both by recruitment agencies and professionals themselves, make for more effective hiring. Furthermore, the perks just keep on coming once the candidate has been hired.

“Referral hires typically perform better, stay in their positions longer and even cost lest to recruit,” Walrond added. His comments may inspire those searching for nationwide positions or jobs in London to go down more traditional routes in order to secure their next role.

His comments may come as no surprise to recruitment professionals, given that earlier in the year, Personnel Today confirmed that the “majority” of companies still invest in traditional recruitment methods – such as advertising in the press or procuring a recruitment specialist in order to fill important roles.

It made the claim after analysing research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

by Deborah Bates on October 20, 2011

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