Nine in ten grads hopeful about future

Nine in ten students have said they are confident they’ll obtain employment once graduating this year, according to a recent survey cited in The Recruiter.

The results of the survey, which was commissioned by an independent graduate recruiter, found that 89 per cent of British students were sure they would land a role once they had finished their university course.

74 per cent did acknowledge that the jobs market was becoming more competitive, meaning those searching for jobs in London and throughout the UK had to be more ‘on the ball’ about their applications and search.

Despite this, 60 per cent still expected to start on a minimum salary of £25,000. This is a big leap from the average starting salary for those breaking into the jobs market of £19,677.

Furthermore, 63 per cent of students confirmed they’d move overseas for the right role, Online Recruitment confirmed.

The managing director of the firm behind the research, Tom Freeman, spoke out about the results, giving his opinion on what it meant for recruiters: “Firms must be aware that the top end of the graduate market is still bullish about their employment expectations.”

“They therefore need to maintain a strong, competitive graduate attraction strategy, as well as offer an attractive package.”

He also spoke of how it could affect graduates themselves, claiming: “Given recruiters are seeing an ever-increasing number of applications, it is vitally important for students to differentiate themselves from their peers by highlighting their skills.”

by Deborah Bates on March 8, 2011

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