The Broadcast Industry employs the happiest freelancers





More than 79% of broadcast freelancers said they enjoyed their job.


This was much higher than other sectors we surveyed, namely the Professional services, Market Research & Insight, Financial services and Healthcare sectors.

The broadcast industry is famous for its lively, collaborative, sociable working environment. Generally, people who work there are truly passionate about what they do which definitely encourages a positive atmosphere as workloads are often deadline focussed and can be extremely busy and pressurised. But this isn’t the only reason why.


60% of broadcast freelancers feel they experience personal growth such as learning new and different jobs.  


This is good news. Freelancers, usually prefer working in an environment which can give them some flexibility and the opportunity to learn and develop their portfolio of skills. If they are well looked after, then they are more likely to show loyalty to their employer. This in turn will prevent them from switching from one broadcaster to another for a better role as they can assist in more than one area of the business. The benefits for the employer to use the same individual for a multiple of assignments means that the cost of induction for the temp worker will reduce as they will already be familiar with certain systems and processes in the business.


Over 75%  feel encouraged to come up with new ways of working and believe their Line Manager encourages them to be the best.


Never underestimate the value a freelancer can bring to the business. Granted they may be employed to work on a specific project, or complete a specific task, but if supported and encouraged well, they could offer invaluable advice on how to improve processes from the experience they have built in other specialist organisations.


If you would like to learn more about the results of our survey, then read our 2016 report


Click Here to read our survey report

Click Here to read our survey report