Why discuss retention now?

A white, wooden house for sale sign with the question Should I Stay or Should I Go, representing the uncertainty and indecision about changing a job or moving to a new home


 A good retention strategy is important in a tight economy


When business is tough the natural instinct is to look at quick ways to cut costs. The most obvious way to do this and often the knee-jerk reaction, is to squeeze margins, reduce headcount and strip back to the bare minimum, to ensure that you are on top of your costs and remain profitable.
With all the worries of uncertainty at the moment, you are probably asking yourself why on earth are we writing about employee loyalty and retention?

Well the truth of the matter is that your best asset is still your people; they will determine whether you are successful and you will always need to make sure you are looking after them properly.

If you have some truly talented workers in your firm, there will always be someone out there either looking to poach them from your teams or even tempting them with something new and exciting. It is precisely for this reason that we think this is the perfect time to discuss your employee’s attitudes to work.

We hope you enjoy reading our survey and take away some useful insights which may help you understand what you might need to do to help your business be more successful.


Click Here to read our survey report

Click Here to read our survey report