Boyce News

by Abaigeal Chisnall

on January 11, 2018

Market Research Spotlight: Perm vs Freelance

I have been recruiting in to market research for the best part of 7 years (10 just recruiting!) and one of the ongoing questions I find is around the topic of freelance vs permanent. Which is better for our industry? Are you suited to one client or are you better working for multiple clients? Is [Read More]

by Boyce Recruitment

on January 8, 2018

Is January really the best time to apply for a new job?

  You’ve been on an extended Christmas holiday and had the chance to recharge your batteries. The last three months running up to the end of last year were frantic with endless deadlines to work towards and an extremely demanding workload. Despite a short break you might still be feeling deflated. Your job feels stale [Read More]

by Samantha Judd

on January 3, 2018

7 reasons why I am choosing to make 2018 a great year

When 2016 came to close I was relieved; so many icons and childhood heroes gone, not to mention the economic, political and social waves of change rippling through the world. I had no idea what 2017 would bring, but I had high hopes. However, it transpires that 2017 was a year of constant unease. A [Read More]

by Marilyn Marazzi

on December 18, 2017

Calling all PR Account Managers…

It has been a busy year for the PR and Communications desk here at Boyce Recruitment; we have worked on roles across a multitude of sectors and levels. The common thread across the board has been the lack of applications for the core roles within account teams (Junior Account Managers, Account Managers and Senior Account [Read More]

by Nahida Bendroh

on December 1, 2017

Why I am an Optimistic European in London.

This week Nahida, our French consultant, explains why she doesn’t think it’s all bad news for Europeans in London after Brexit. On the 23rd June 2016, an announcement rattled the world. The United Kingdom decided to definitively quit Europe. British citizens were asked to choose if they want to leave Europe. The Yes voters won with [Read More]

by Boyce Recruitment

on November 29, 2017

Market Research, Analysis & Insight Recruitment News

In the latter part of 2017 (post June) hiring increased on the temporary/freelancer side across the Research & Insight  industry for Insight and Research Directors, Associate Directors, Consultants, Analysts, Senior Research Executives and Project Managers. We’ve also seen lots of reinvention and restructuring within the industry which has seen a much higher demand for temps [Read More]

by Boyce Recruitment

on November 6, 2017

How to make the most of working with your Recruitment Consultant

A good Recruitment Consultant can help you identify and find your ideal job. Friends and recruitment consultants are still the preferred job hunting solution for many time-poor jobseekers, who don’t want to spend lots of time chasing cvs or attending interviews with companies that won’t suit them. Good recruiters know the market in which they [Read More]

by Boyce Recruitment

on September 25, 2017

What’s the best way to get hold of people these days?

What’s the best way to get hold of people at work these days? Is it by phone and if so, do you call them and if you call them which number do you call? Landline or mobile ? Maybe you should be texting or emailing? Email isn’t always effective as you wouldn’t email their work address [Read More]

by Boyce Recruitment

on September 22, 2017

Dealing with a bad interview experience.

As a recruiter our job is to make sure that your interview experience is as positive as possible; matching culture, responsibilities and prospects to your aspirations. We always want to get good post interview feedback. Sometimes though, the interview might not go as well as expected. Nerves might get the better of you, there might [Read More]

by Manuela Boyce

on September 8, 2017

Change your Recruitment Strategy & Win the Best Talent for your company.

If you’ve recently been involved in recruiting for your work then you’ve probably noticed that the process isn’t always as straightforward as it should be. Planning a recruitment campaign is challenging; the perfect candidate might be hard if not impossible to find which means the process can take a lot longer than you want. When [Read More]

by Nahida Bendroh

on August 15, 2017

Quel comportement avoir face á la montée des Cyberattaques?

En 2016, 80% des entreprises françaises ont été touché au moins une fois dans l’année par une Cyberattaques. Une chiffre en constante augmentation ces dernières années. Les attaques subies peuvent être de différentes formes : attaques ciblées, vol de données personnelles, défiguration du site internet etc… Parmi, ces attaques 80% d’entre elles sont des ransomware (rançongiciel [Read More]

by Nahida Bendroh

on August 11, 2017

The role of women in the IT sector

The IT industry in the UK and France, is one of the sectors that recruits the most. The wage gap between men and women in this sector , is one of the lowest (9%, compared with an average of 16.3% for the entire market). Women represent only 25% of IT employees and only 13% of [Read More]