New Twitter tool unlikely to be used by recruiters

Twitter’s new keyword targeting tool is unlikely to be used by recruiters, says a social media expert.

The new feature launched today allows advertisers to reach users based on specific keywords in Twitter streams. According to, the feature is one of many moves that the social networks have been recently making to monetise their sites.

Social media consultant, Peter Gold, told that the new feature could allow recruiters to target specific audiences. For example, if a recruiter was looking to hire for multilingual jobs in London, they could target users with the keyword ‘multilingual’ and set the location to London.

However, Gold says that while recruiters will probably understand the tool, they are unlikely to take full advantage of it. While he admitted to it being ‘very, very clever’, he said that most recruiters would simply be too busy to use it.

The marketing expert pointed to Google AdWords, saying that while useful, was rarely used by recruiters. 

Gemma Christie, head of social media at Enhanced Media, said that Twitter had historically been an ineffective advertising platform compared to the other networks.

However, she added that the new tool could be very useful for recruiters looking for tech-savvy candidates or geo-specific requirements.

by Sean McGrath on April 19, 2013

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