New management game tops internet charts

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has launched a brand new online game to determine who is likely to rise to the top in business, those looking for jobs in London might be curious to hear.

‘Battle for the Boardroom’ was made in collaboration with the Institute of Consulting (IOC), and has quickly become an internet gaming phenomenon – already attracting 320,000 users.

Aimed at students, undergraduates and those just starting their professional career, the game involves players taking over opponents’ buildings and taking over a city.The game is currently number one in the European and global viral gaming charts.

Cited on the CMI’s website,, Professor Byron Reeves claims that games such as this can “solve a host of business problems with morale, communication and alignment all while honing skills like data analysis, teamwork, recruitment, leadership and more.”

However, the real reason behind the game was to provide the IOC with a greater opportunity to engage with business professionals; and to educate them about the skills and resources on offer. It also hoped to secure a more diverse membership as a result.

IOC director, Huw Hilditch-Roberts told HR Magazine that the institute’s main aim for the coming months is to increase its membership base. He added that the IOC wished to attract more independent executives.

Hilditch-Roberts concluded by explaining the game, stating: “In Battle for the Boardroom we have managed to combine elements of a fun and compelling gaming environment with more serious business undertones as the game challenges players’ strategic skills, cunning and tests their management capabilities.

“We are delighted it is proving such a hit and seems to have struck a real chord with business executives globally.”

by Elizabeth Smythe on June 20, 2011

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