New Fair Data badge launched

The Market Research Society (MRS) has just launched its new ‘Fair Data’ kite mark which aims to reassure the public that their data is being managed properly.

The ‘Fair Data’ badge will only be available to companies who sign up to the scheme, and follow the principles laid out by the MRS.

With the ever expanding use of personal data across a wide spectrum of business sectors, the MRS hopes that the Fair Data kite mark will codify the use of personal information, forcing businesses to be more transparent with how they collect, store and use private data.

More importantly perhaps, the MRS hopes that the badge will assure the public that the companies they are dealing with are using their data in a responsible manner.

Jane Frost, CEO of the MRS, that it’s not just those with market research jobs that need to treat private data with respect. On she said: “A culture of respect for personal data needs to move outside IT and data security professionals and be part of the DNA of business – a key strand of the company’s respect for its customer and of its brand integrity.”

Major brands such as GlaxoSmithKline have already signed up to the scheme, reports and it is hoped that more will continue to jump on the Fair Data band wagon.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, data protection is now a ‘board-level issue’ for three quarters of businesses.


by Sean McGrath on February 1, 2013

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