New conditions for JSA claimants in London

Unemployed Londoners will have to undertake unpaid work experience in order to receive jobseekers allowance.

The changes, rolled out yesterday in 16 London boroughs, will apply to all 18 to 24-year-olds who have never completed six months of paid employment.

These youngsters will have to spend three months working 30 hours a week for local charities before they are eligible to claim jobseekers.

In an interview with, employment minister Chris Grayling claimed the scheme would make it easier for youngsters to find jobs in London.

He said: “It’s no secret that work experience can be the key that opens the door to a successful career and more young Londoners need to be given the opportunity to do it. Right now, it’s a tough labour market out there and we have to ensure that all young people get their skills they need.

“Early intervention will reduce the risks of benefit dependency and increase the chances of long-term employment that is good for young people and good for the economic growth of this great city.” reports that the pilot scheme is likely to affect around 6,000 Londoners who are not in employment, education or training. The numbers of NEETS across the UK has risen by 100,000 since the Coalition government was voted into power in May 2010.

by Joe Elvin on August 29, 2012

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