New BBC show seeks to shift broadcast paradigm

A new BBC show called ‘The Editors’ will seek to shift the broadcast paradigm by inviting senior reporters to lead discourse on current affairs.

The programme is airing on Monday nights and columnist and TV critic Mark Lawson has suggested it is a poignant moment, as television once again battles with newspapers over news coverage.

Professionals in broadcast jobs are likely to be more used to the BBC’s impartial approach to current affairs, but the name of the show clearly sets out that the journalists involved will be given licence to interpret events as they see them, notes Lawson.

He remarked: ‘The concept of The Editors feels more like an on-air blog – a slot for opinion and discussion – and so will depend on the BBC’s internal editors feeling as free to be controversial as external newspaper ones have in the past.’

In his opinion, ‘The Editors’ is very much a screen equivalent of Radio 4’s ‘From Our Own Correspondent’, which is based on more reflective coverage of events. According to, the first episode on Monday (March 25th) was hosted by the broadcaster’s world affairs correspondent, John Simpson.

The journalist’s focus in the episode – available on iPlayer for seven days after broadcast – is Iraq; looking at the country’s history as well as its future.

by Paul Smithson on March 27, 2013

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