More women in professional jobs, data finds

More women occupy professional jobs than men, according to data released by the House of Commons library.

BBC News reported on the data, confirming on International Women’s Day (which took place on March 8th) that in Britain, many professional jobs are taken up by women.

Whether it’s the writing, teaching or PR jobs London has to offer, or the librarians working in the North, it seems ladies are taking the lead. This still doesn’t represent total equality in Britain’s workforce though, according to the BBC’s home editor, Mark Easton.

“It could be argued that equal gender representation within the current employment market would see roughly four out of 10 jobs in any sector held by women,” Easton revealed.

However he did go on to admit: “With this in mind, one sees that among the professions, some 44 per cent of jobs are filled by women – slightly higher than their representation within the workforce might lead one to expect.”

Despite still not having significant representation within places like parliament, FTSE 100 companies or on boardrooms throughout the UK, women are pushing ahead. In fact the full report from the House of Commons – which has been made publicly available at – confirmed that the proportion of women seen in the workforce is growing; albeit at a “slow” rate.

by Deborah Bates on March 9, 2012

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