Mobile and video could revolutionise the recruitment industry

The newest big revolution in the recruitment industry could be the use of mobile technologies, experts have claimed.

Social media has really taken off as a viable method of getting a message out to prospective new employees.

However now, it may find itself competing with mobile content and videos, which could soon have a significant affect on how people search for jobs in London or other areas of the UK.

Recruitment expert Mike Taylor is one of the forerunners of this belief, even organising a convention for recruiters to attend to learn about the advantages of mobile and video recruitment content.

Speaking to, Taylor explained: “With mobile phones predicted to outsell desktop PCs by 2013 and online video expected to account for 62 per cent of all consumer internet traffic by 2015, there has never been a more important time to start planning your mobile and video strategy.”

The idea of mobile and video recruitment is a relatively new one and many businesses are reluctant to invest too much time and money into it. However Taylor noted how this was also true of social media when it first became popular, adding that now, most recruiters use the medium as a way of reaching out to hundreds of thousands of potential applicants.

Concluding, Taylor told how in the near future, job seekers “will expect to view jobs and apply for jobs via a mobile device and to be able to watch videos about working at a company.

“Therefore, mobile and video will no longer be considered an optional extra. Instead, it will become a necessity for those companies who are serious about attracting new talent in a competitive market.”

by David Howells on September 1, 2011

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