Mixed response to AWR implementation

The implementation of the Agency Workers’ Regulations (AWR), which came into force over the weekend, has received a mixed response.

Whilst some unions back the move, some business industry bodies have expressed less positive opinions. The latter, specifically the Confederation for British Industry (CBI), are worried that the change was “unwelcome”.

The CBI’s chief policy director, Katja Hall, confirmed this on Mendmedia.co.uk; stating that it could prove “counter-productive.

“The new rules will still act as a brake on jobs,” she said, despite admitting that companies “costs” and “administrative burden” would be reduced as a result of temporary workers receiving similar benefits to permanent workers after 12 weeks.

However Kathleen Walker Shaw, the European officer for the union GMB, praised the implementation; citing the positive effect it could have on those in temporary jobs in London or throughout the rest of the UK.

Speaking to The Grapevine Magazine, she said: “GMB welcome the long-awaited rights for temporary and agency workers which will come on stream on 1st October 2011.

“GMB wants to see agency and user employees using their energies in stepping up and implementing these rights in the spirit in which they were intended…It is very important that agency workers make sure they are well informed about these rights.”

by Deborah Bates on October 3, 2011

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