Millions of admin jobs to be created in the next eight years

Around 1.3 million admin jobs are expected to be created across the UK in the next eight years, according to the Council for Administration (CFA).

The CFA believes that there will be a need to train at least this many admin staff by the end of the decade, to ensure that Britain doesn’t suffer from a skill shortage in this area.

Jenny Hewell, who is a spokesperson for the CFA, claimed that there are currently plenty of admin jobs available for employees at all stages of their career.

Speaking to The Daily Mirror, she said: “Business administration offers great opportunities for people. The work is suitable for school leavers on one of our apprenticeship framework programmes.

“For those who have progressed their career and are embarking on one of our recently launched Higher Apprenticeships in Business and Professional Administration programmes.”

Some of those interested in the administration jobs London has to offer could well be currently occupying a role in the capital’s financial sector, if the results of a new poll by cited by is to be believed.

Many financial workers are likely to possess the skills needed to excel in an admin job and, according to the poll, 84 per cent are considering leaving the industry for a less stressful role.

by Joe Elvin on March 15, 2012

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