Its good to recycle




December is always a dark month and a time when the boyce team enjoy their mince pies, cakes, Christmas sandwiches are back at pret, and the party season has kicked off.

This year is no different although we have decided to move offices as well, which adds some interesting ingredients to the month.

Our new place is fully equipped and a wonderful working space so we have also had to say goodbye to some trusted items that have kept us working nicely over the past few years.  It feels like the end of another era but it is definitely the beginning of something exciting and new.

Being very conscious of the environment and waste we have made the most of using freecycle this year and have been touched by the number of people who have found very interesting and strange uses for the equipment we have had. Included is an interesting metal jewellery maker who relished the opportunity to grab a few cupboards so he could met them into decorative  objects to wear in the ear and around the neck. I swear I will never look at metal jewellery in the same light, particularly when I think one of our Bisley cupboards could be behind it.

by Boyce Recruitment on December 4, 2012

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