Meetings are most productive at mid-morning, study finds

A new study has revealed the times when British workers prefer to attend and are most productive in meetings, reports. 

It’s one of the inevitable parts of working life: meetings. Yet it’s also something that many people dread or consider a waste of time. That’s not all, meetings can be incredibly stressful to arrange, as those with admin jobs in London and beyond with such responsibilities will attest.

Fortunately, a new study has pinpointed the perfect time to hold a meeting: 10:38am.

Research carried out by office space experts, discovered that mid-morning was the optimal time to get people together. It’s poll of 600 workers found that 59 per cent felt such get-togethers were more productive in the morning, but not first thing. Many respondents said that early meetings ‘delayed them for the rest of the day’.

The survey revealed 4:02pm as the worst time for a meeting; little was achieved owing to its closeness to the end of the working day, which served as a source of irritation as so many meetings would run over. Additionally, ‘working lunches’ were deemed unpopular and unproductive. 

Commenting on the findings, Michael Davies from told “The key to having a successful meeting is having it at the right time.

“Our data suggests that the best time to have a meeting is in the morning, but not first thing. Once people have got their morning emails answered and day organised, they’ll be at their most productive so it is unsurprising that 10:38 came out as the favourite time.”

by Elizabeth Smythe on August 12, 2013

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