Media to receive free pampering sessions at Olympics

Journalists covering The Olympic Games next year are set to be treated to free pampering sessions throughout the event.

An entire London high street will be dedicated to treating those in media jobs during the 2012 Games. Sky News report that journalists will have on-demand access to hairdressers, masseuses and gym facilities.

For those in national media jobs, London was already the place to be next summer as the world turns its focus to the world’s greatest athletes.

Now, following the World Press Briefing for the Games in London this week, journalists will be falling over themselves to cover the event.

Speaking to, Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport Secretary Jeremy Hunt claimed that the world’s media are in for a treat once they hit British shores next year.

He said: “With London 2012 set to be the biggest media event in history, the UK Government is doing all it can to ensure the world’s media have everything they need.

“Delivering an outstanding Olympic Games is not just about building world class facilities and infrastructure; it’s also about making sure the media can bring the sporting, cultural and human interest stories to homes across the world as quickly as possible.”

It was also announced that the Government have launched the first few pages of its online media centre for the Olympics. The press can now receive crucial updates at

by Joe Elvin on October 28, 2011

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