Media industry inspires British teenagers

British teenagers are more attracted to jobs in the media than any other industry, according to a new poll.

In a survey of Year 10 pupils by education providers Magnified Learning, 37 per cent of those questioned cited media as the industry they would most like to work in. It was also voted as the most exciting out of the 24 industries which respondents had to choose from.

Careers in the creative sector, social care and sport also proved popular but it appears the majority of teenagers dream of grabbing one of the top media jobs London has to offer one day.

Reacting to the results of the survey, Magnified Learning director Chris Horton claimed to be worried that so many teens were attracted to the same industry. Over 70 per cent of respondents chose either media or creative jobs as the most favoured.

In an interview with, he encouraged industries regarded as ‘less exciting’ to more to challenge their negative public image amongst youngsters.

He said: “We believe tackling these negative perceptions is a two-way process, and it is important that industry leaders recognise their responsibility to engage with the next generation in order to foster new talent.

“It will be impossible for the UK economy to thrive if we can’t convince young Britons that such career paths are worth aspiring to.”

HR Magazine report that public transport was regarded as the ‘most boring’ industry to work in by teenagers, closely followed by charity, civil service and farming.”

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by Joe Elvin on October 14, 2011

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