Hard-working creative professionals are the happiest and easy-going workers in the office, according to a new study.

Mars Drinks found that 60 per cent of marketing experts are happy at work, even though they’re also the most likely group to put in longer hours.

On average, the poll of 2,000 professionals found that those with jobs in marketing work 45 minutes more than their counterparts in the finance, creative, HR, legal and IT sectors, The Drum confirmed. They also have shorter lunches than their peers, often clocking in at around three minutes less.

Even despite this extra commitment, marketers are the least likely to cause confrontations in the workplace – with just 0.67 conflicts occurring in a regular day. The average office worker on the other hand disagrees with their colleagues around 1.06 times daily.

The research suggests that in order to snare some of the best creative positions around, like London based marketing jobs, candidates must be both easy-going and hard working at the same time.

Commenting on the results, Jenni Morgan, trade marketing manager for Mars Drinks UK, says that it is a “welcome relief” to learn that the majority of employees are indeed happy in their jobs.

“Our results also show that we are working longer hours than ever before but this has not dented our enjoyment of the job,” she added, cited by Marketing Week.

by on January 24th, 2012
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