Market researchers adopt social media as business intelligence tool

Those working in market research jobs are mostly using social media as a tool to capture business intelligence, according to recent statistics.

Published on, the statistics were gathered after an independent study by Face Group surveyed around 530 market researchers. It has been suggested that the intention of the survey was to find out the emerging social media trends within market research, as opposed to carrying out a “census” of the industry.

The results found that only five per cent of respondents used social media sites to collate research and answer their briefs. According to experts Franceso D’Orazi, Sharmila Subramanian and Jess Owen (the people behind the research), this clearly shows that using social media to gain an insight into consumer’s minds is still in its infancy.

Additionally, it confirmed that social media is mainly being used to capture comprehensive business intelligence; with the experts claiming: “The primary use of social media for researchers is cited as professional networking and content sharing, mostly blog posts from people in the industry.”

Although many working in the market have recognised the importance and potential of social media, the experts argued: “As an industry, we’re not yet living and breathing social media. Forty per cent of our survey participants indicated they spend less than one hour per day using social media, which suggests that [it] is still viewed by many as just a tool rather than an immersive environment.”

However those using social networking sites regularly have only positive things to say about it, with some verbatim comments stating that it is excellent for “connecting with younger audiences,” and provides “an immediately available feel for what’s going out.”

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by Deborah Bates on January 28, 2011

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