Market Research Spotlight: Perm vs Freelance

I have been specialising in market research recruitment for the best part of 7 years (10 just recruiting!) and one of the ongoing questions I find is around the topic of freelance vs permanent.

Which is better for our industry? Are you suited to one client or are you better working for multiple clients? Is a stable pay check vital to you or would you rather take a risk for a bigger pay off?

In a world dominated by insane politics, constant instant communication and technology that actually could take over the planet, is this even still relevant?

The whole idea for this ‘article’ was a news thought piece I saw saying that now in this economic climate there is no such thing as a safe job let alone a job for life. If this is the case should we all just pack it in and go freelance? The money and hours are better, companies would save on headcount costs and with those high day rates we could afford to have 5 holidays a year! Are we missing a trick by conforming to the permanent recruitment model we have always known?

Well sorry no….well not yet!

In the research industry, especially on the quantitative side, freelancers have most frequently been used to support permanent staff. And clients have always liked to have a more permanent member of staff as their point of contact so they can develop that lasting relationship. There is also the argument that when a team comprises of purely permanent employees, they bond better, understand each other’s working style and will in the long run be more profitable. Freelancers have been used to fill in gaps in headcount while recruitment is going on, assisting on specific projects and at times of stress on staff (sickness, holiday). This has worked so far so why fix what’s not broken?

You cannot stop change.

It’s a constant- you cannot stop it (I have tried more than once!) Our industry though buoyant and profitable will change. We have seen this with this rise of online research, consumer usage and staffing attitudes. Candidates are demanding a work life balance and good pay and while they are at work they want to work on more strategic and creative projects! At the moment the perception is that you’re more likely to find that in a freelance role than a permanent job. We are seeing candidates,  who I never thought would leave the safety and stability of a permanent job,  join the freelance world. The skills sets from these candidates have now been lost to the permanent world and are only available on a freelance basis.

Now what?

Good question- the truth is that you as a candidate or a client can choose to be recruited or recruit in either way (I work on both so give me a shout when you do!) but both sides have to be open to both options. The days of only considering one or the other are passing away and in a market, where it’s the skills that matter the most, we have to be open to engaging with these candidates in any way we can.

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Abaigeal Chisnall

by Abaigeal Chisnall on January 11, 2018

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