People don’t always know about a career in Market Research, but it is not only a rewarding career choice but also a vibrant and continually evolving industry.

When you think of a career in Market Research what do you think of ? Data Analyst, Research Executive, Analysis, Report writing and Insight?


However, Market Research Agencies and Client side Research teams would not be able to produce the quality insights for clients that they do without a dedicated and highly skilled, driven operations team behind them. A career in market research operations can give you a fast paced and rewarding career, whilst still being involved with data and client communication.

Do you possess the following skills and attributes? If so a career in Research Project Management/ Fieldwork may the one for you….

•             Excellent organisational and coordination skills

•             Excellent project management skills

•             You enjoy working to deadlines in a high pressured role

•             Ability to communicate effectively internally and externally with clients at all levels

•             You understand the importance of customer service

•             You enjoy working with data but don’t want to “number crunch” all day long

•             A proactive problem-solver who is not afraid of a challenge and can keep lots of plates spinning at the same time

•             Excellent time management and scheduling skills

•             You like the idea of working across an international client and supplier base

Project management positions have obvious benefits such opportunities to earn good money, lots of responsibilities and autonomy over your role. It also gives you the ability to understand and be involved with the whole project process, from start to finish, and being involved behind the scenes. There are also plenty of opportunities to grow your career further; it’s the door to senior positions in this industry. It’s also nice to be able to make a difference with customers and bringing strategy to a project rather than just executing orders.

A career in research operations can lead you to the role of Operations Director, arguably one of the most important jobs in the industry. Operations Directors oversee a number of departments and makes sure that projects are delivered on time and against cost constraints as well as quality assurances.

Working within a role in research operations allows for the opportunity to experience the processes of research and client relations from an excellent view point. The processes and operations of a company can often be overlooked. A company that works horizontally across teams can help widen your business perspectives and understandings.

The market research industry has changed dramatically in recent years through the continued move of the digital revolution and international reach to businesses and consumers and therefore the opportunities for a career path are almost limitless.

You might get exposed to managing a small group or online community and that is very interesting and different than working with social media platforms only. If you are passionate about data this is really good place to be in. You will be able to get a 360 overview on what is happening with your consumers, because of the nature of business. You will also get a chance to work with all sorts of technology solutions and that will broaden up your skills.

If you want to work in an industry that inspires you and take you to places you hadn’t previously visited, then a career in market research is for you.


by on July 4th, 2014
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