Market Research & Insight Recruitment Update

So none of us really knew what 2018 had in store for us- could the looming threat of unstable global politics, Brexit and the fact that we are killing all the fish with our plastic use, affect the Market Research sector? (I appreciate the fish is a bit of a farfetched link but since Blue Planet 2 I feel the need to apologise at any given opportunity- Sorry Fish!)

Well I think it would be unfair to say that the industry isn’t a cautious one at the moment.

Both job seekers and employers are taking longer to ensure that they are making ‘intelligent’ decisions about their head count or career move. But that doesn’t mean that the market is a slow one as it is still very buoyant.

In some of our other disciplines there is a clear swing towards temporary or permanent recruitment, however, we in the Research / insight team seem to be enjoying a healthy mix of roles with a mixture of extremely large global and very small specialist clients.

We’re seeing some businesses adapting their offering, with a continuing increase in the number of jobs which are digital or involve analytics as well as being more client facing and strategic. Possibly this is an adjustment to the general increase in automation or possibly as a result of having to deal with an increasingly competitive global market. Our clients’ clients expect much more from their research and insight providers.

We’ve also noticed that companies are starting to adapt their search for suitable candidates and have become more open about the types of people they hire;  especially as there is still a shortage of skills in many of the areas they recruit in.

On the jobseeker front, we’ve seen a steady increase in the number of candidates who are only interested in applying for jobs which are freelance, offer flexibility or remote working and,  career progression for all of the above continues to be at the top of the agenda.

To summarise, at a time when we are struggling to make head or tail of what is really going on in the big wide world, (politics is terrifying at the moment ) and well, again sorry fish, the Market Research industry is still looking pretty good. There are some great opportunities out there and good candidates are always in high demand.

If you need help to find a job within research or you’re a client who is looking for great quality candidates get in touch with me !

Abaigeal Chisnall

Abaigeal Chisnall

by Abaigeal Chisnall on March 28, 2018

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