How to make the most of working with your Recruitment Consultant

A good Recruitment Consultant can help you identify and find your ideal job.

Friends and recruitment consultants are still the preferred job hunting solution for many time-poor jobseekers, who don’t want to spend lots of time chasing cvs or attending interviews with companies that won’t suit them.

Good recruiters know the market in which they work, well. They understand their client’s business, culture and expectations not just in the recruitment process but they know what makes a good long term employee.

They usually know the history behind some of the recruiting decisions their clients make and they have experience of what works and what doesn’t work.

They know which skills are in high demand, and can probably give you many case studies illustrating how to achieve a long term career goal.

Most importantly they spend invaluable time getting to know you and learning about your motivations and reasons for making the career decisions you make. They might even introduce you to sectors or jobs you had never even considered. If they can help you then they will do everything they can to help you succeed.

Here are some top tips on how to maximise your relationship with your recruiter and help ensure that you will be at the top of their minds when a suitable opening comes up.

1. Be honest

Recruiters will respect you more if you are honest and straight with them from the start. The same applies vice versa. They are not judges. They will respect your confidentiality and be discreet with any sensitive information you wish to divulge.

If you aren’t sure about a job they have proposed to you, then say so, and explain the reasons why. This will help them understand you more and make sure that they match you to the right roles in future. Recruiters can usually tell if you are holding something back.

If you are attending other interviews then let them know. They won’t mind, but it does help them avoid miscommunication down the line.

2. Ask your consultant for advice

They can help you prepare your cv and also prepare for the interview. They know the kinds of questions you might be asked, what assessments you might have to do. They know the culture of the company and the work environment.. Your Consultant will usually have met one of the decision makers in the hiring process and should have the knowledge, history and expertise to guide you through the selection process.

3. Give prompt feedback

After your interview it’s always really important that you let your Consultant know as soon as you can, how you feel about the role that you are applying to and your interview experiences. Good employers like to receive and give feedback swiftly.

Wherever possible make sure you give your interview feedback by phone and not just in an email, as this will give both parties the chance to raise any questions or address any concerns that have arisen more effectively.

It’s really important that you agree a time frame of when you will feedback.

After your interview you might want some time to digest the process before deciding how you feel about the company. That’s absolutely fine. Just let your Consultant know that this is how you like to work and give them a realistic indication of when you hope to make a decision and come back to them with your thoughts.

You might, however, have already decided that this is/ isn’t the company you want to work for.
Whatever your thoughts after your interview, do let them know. There’s nothing wrong with saying you aren’t sure if you want to progress, but this is how you felt the interview went… being open about this you will help build a much more open, trusting and long term working relationship with your consultant.

A good Recruitment Consultant can be a great sounding board throughout the career journey and shouldn’t be seen as just a short term quick fix. Many of our candidates come back to us again and again as they know we can help them understand how their career goals match industry expectations and trends.

by Boyce Recruitment on November 6, 2017

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