Majority of postgraduates hired, says study

A new study has found that the majority of postgraduates find work once they have completed their degree, according to

The study, called ‘What Do Graduates Do?’, was carried out by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU). It concluded that post-graduate qualifications are a worthwhile investment, due to the fact that 85.5 per cent who had gone on to collect a postgraduate degree in 2011/12 said that they had found jobs in London or elsewhere in the six months after finishing their studies.

This compared to 73.3 per cent of those leaving university with an undergraduate degree. Plus, only five per cent of post-graduates are unemployed, compared to 8.5 per cent of those who didn’t move onto further education.

Talking about the study, a representative from the HECSU told “Postgraduate qualifications are taken by people of all ages for a multitude of reasons and postgraduates go on to many different activities after graduation.”

They continued: “Some postgraduate destinations are very specific and related to the course studied… Other courses have less clearly defined employment outcomes; nonetheless postgraduates appear to be more successful in the labour market than those qualifying with first degrees.”

The data also showed that women are more likely to take postgraduate degrees than men.

by Samantha Bartlett on September 6, 2013

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