Londoners spend £3,561 on costs relating to work

Londoners spend a total of £3,561 per year on costs relating to their job, reports.

New research by Santander 123 World found that the average Brit has to fork out £1,843 per year on costs that are directly related to their job, such as travel, clothing, food, childcare and equipment. Meanwhile, in the capital, this figure rose to £3,561, the highest in the UK.

This expense is something many employers have worked into their pay allocation, however, jobs in London often offer yearly salaries that are thousands of pounds more than their regional counterparts in order to account for the added expense.

At the other end of the spectrum, workers in the Midlands had to pay the least in work-related expenses, with the East and West Midlands commanding respective payments of £1,688 and £1,668 per person, per year.

Of all the expenses, travel was the highest, averaging £782 per year in the UK. Those who drive splashed out the most, however, with fuel amounting to £829, on top of parking (£65) and congestion charges (£32).

Lunch, meanwhile, sets back the average Brit £410 per year, whilst calls not charged to the work account add up to £142. Many workers are also too busy to claim the money back on computer equipment or stationary, although these can add up to £27 and £18 respectively, claimed.

by David Howells on January 7, 2013

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