Londoners looking for more hours in tough job climate

People with London jobs are on the look-out for more working hours, according to reports from

The number looking for more work in their current job has risen from 141,000 to 441,000 in the last four years- nearly a 50 per cent increase.

Frances O’Grady, the TUC’s deputy general secretary said while any work was good, the government needed to do more to help workers gain more hours, saying:

“The only way to tackle joblessness and under-employment is to put decent jobs at the heart of a new economic strategy.”

London unemployment is currently at a 2-year low, falling by after 46,000 in just three months, according to Many believe this is down to the opportunities created by the Olympic Games, however some fear unemployment could rise again now the Games are ending.

Colin Standridge, chief executive of the London Chamber of Commerce said the UK should try to upkeep the economic growth the Olympics has helped promote, commenting: “These latest unemployment figures are further evidence that the Olympics has proved to be a success for both the economy and the country at large. The key is to create a lasting economic legacy for London and the UK.”





by Samantha Bartlett on September 4, 2012

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