London Workforce Development launched

A new organisation which aims to facilitate relationships between employers and higher education providers in London has launched today.

Staff from the London Workforce Development (LWD) have pledged to ensure that the capital’s higher education students have improved access to top London jobs through increased collaboration with employers.

It is thought the new body will also work alongside local businesses to make sure that students are properly nurtured for the world of work.

The LWD will be funded by The Higher Education Funding Council for England who spent twelve months researching the best way to improve education and employment opportunities in the capital.

It will become a division of London Higher, which represents over 40 colleges and universities in the London and South East region.

A statement from the body on explained the importance of collaboration between employers and higher education sources.   

It stated: “In addition to the supply of the top quality graduates and post-graduates, higher education providers offer value for money as they can customise courses to reflect the particular needs of the employer.

“In turn, the employer can take advantage of the providers’ broader industry experience and particular research expertise.”

The Confederation of British Industry regional director for London, Sara Parker told HR Magazine she was pleased that a company was addressing what they see as a key issue.

by Joe Elvin on June 1, 2011

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