London workers the happiest with their job, says research

New research has found that the majority of those who work in London are happy with their jobs, according to

According to the study, which was carried out by credit card company Capital One, 71 per cent of people with jobs in London said they enjoyed their work. This compares to just half of workers in the north-east. This could mean that job seekers may want to look in the capital if they want to enjoy high job satisfaction.

Overall, the data found that 60 per cent of employees are happy with their career, with 19 per cent even saying they “loved” their jobs. Fifty-six per cent of those quizzed revealed that job satisfaction was their highest priority when it comes to the workplace.

Talking about the research, Karen Bowes, HR director at Capital One, told “We spend so much of our lives in the workplace, so it’s encouraging to see that so many people enjoy working and spending time with colleagues.”

She added: “Good employers recognise that their staff are their best asset and invest in creating positive working environments, empowering through trusted leadership and offering secondary benefits that support employees’ work/life balance, wellbeing and interests.”

The research comes after a study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that job satisfaction has increased for UK workers, whilst anxiety levels have dropped.

by Samantha Bartlett on August 6, 2013

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